New delivery service is coming to Abu Dhabi market. Maybe you are thinking about food delivery service because this service makes sounds in the market, but I am talking about fuel delivery services. If you are planning to go on a trip for a long weekend, don’t get worried about the availability of fuel or visiting fuel station to get refills. Now fuel delivery apps and services save you time to wait in a queue at fuel stations. You can order fuel online and get it at your home or on the road. Adnoc will launch new services that deliver fuel straight to your car at any time, anywhere.

The petrol-delivery app CAFU in Dubai has upgraded its features and after these updates, it gets 10,000 downloads. It provides services for delivering Super 98 and Special 95 fuel to residents in Dubai and Ajman. This company objective is to deliver the service with the same charges as people pay at petrol stations for Regular and Premium petrol addition of delivery charge with the help of app development.

The fuel delivery app in UAE works in collaboration with the Emarat Petrol Company, before delivering, customers need to follow some steps, and those are:

  • Customer need to register their vehicle details
  • Enter the delivery location
  • Get ready your vehicle to fill the petrol tank by leaving the tank unlocked
  • If it is necessary for refueling then you need to schedule the time of refueling
Benefits of fuel delivery apps:

People should know that, why fuel delivery service needs an app. Here I mentioned the benefits of fuel delivery apps:

  • Saves your precious time instead of waiting in a queue. And you can get fuel at anywhere and anytime.
  • The main advantages of this on-demand fuel delivery apps are eco-friendly and it causes a few amount of fuel spills or sometimes no fuel spills and adulteration.
  • If you are in an emergency to need the fuel for your vehicle at the middle of travel and you didn’t find any fuel station, then this app will really help to get fuel for your vehicle just by few clicking on the app.
  • One more advantage is fuel supplied by this on-demand service is a high-quality fuel. The fuel tank is regularly cleaned and the tank will get empty within a week.
Features of fuel delivery apps to serve flawless service:

As an app developer should think about what are all the features in the app will make it a success in the market than the competitor’s app. And it is necessary to provide something more than the existing apps. Here I mentioned some important and valuable features that an app development company should consider while developing.

  • While delivering the fuel at any location means, the app should have the feature to select the location where the vehicle is parked. And make sure that users don’t face any problem while entering the location.
  • Along with selecting the location, the app should have the feature to select the quantity, type of fuel they want, and delivery time.
  • While developing an on-demand delivery app, it is very essential to add different types of secured payment systems like cash on delivery, card payments, internet banking, and e-wallets.
  • Real-time tracking helps for users to track and estimate the approximate time of fuel delivery. And give the contact number of the delivery person to users.

If you have a fuel/gas station, start now to provide on-demand fuel delivery service to get more profit in your business. For this service, you need an app so that you contact the best app development company to build your own service app.

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