On May 31, 2019, a parallel team within Google discovered that the quantum computing experiment designed by the Google Quantum Research Team was 1 million times simpler than imagined for a traditional computer.

From Feynman ’s first introduction of quantum computers in 1981 to Eckert ’s first speech in 1994 describing how humans construct quantum machines, quantum computers are completely theoretical ideas and are the exploration of pushing human understanding of physics and materials science to the limit. .

Google established a quantum artificial intelligence laboratory in 2013 and collaborated with the University of California research team to develop superconducting qubits, which is also the first choice for major computer manufacturers, including IBM, because of its connection with the silicon-based architecture of traditional computers Closer.

Microsoft is trying to use “topological qubits”, the only problem is that it may not exist. After Google announced the realization of quantum supremacy, Microsoft and IBM are more willing to talk about the “quantum advantage” that can bring practical applications.