In the United States, nearly half of nurses choose to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. They serve as a lifesaver for patients who experience issues. Definitely, there are many compelling professionals and personal reasons for choosing this profession, here are few-

> You get the opportunity to be as near being a specialist without really being a specialist, and without putting some distance with your profession. Being a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, you will keep on working straightforwardly with patients; however, you will have a greater number of responsibilities in comparison to general registered nurses. Surely, in certain states, you will even have the option to recommend medicine.

> You will have the chance to fill in professional life the manner in which it fits. The U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics has estimated that development in the field of FNPs is set to be higher than in different regions of nursing. Because the demand for nurses will increase, you will be able to choose the work settings according to your schedule. Even there are chances to work fewer hours.

> You will have the option of working at different locations, whether you want to do the job in big hospitals, or in rural communities.

> The demand for qualified nurses has increased especially those who hold the degree of Family Nurse Practitioners. That is why many employers are coming to pay for education. It means this is possible to get an education without spending too much.

> You will not face any difficulty while finding work. Almost all kind of healthcare systems needs FNPs.

> You get the opportunity to work directly with individuals and patients. This is something that is missing in many advanced practice degrees where your work turns out to be progressively in the background, do not happen with FNPs who regularly and closely work with people.

> Being an FNP Nurse Practitioner, you can work with all age groups, gender, and ethnicity in which you will deal with different health conditions. You can do anything from caring for a newborn baby to advising elder people on how to stay healthy.

> Today, you can study for FNP while continuing full-time work. Many schools are providing an option for FNPs online courses. You can work and study both simultaneously.

> You can help in creating new health facilities to serve humanity. Working with people who want to make better health system will not only save lives but also make the future better. This is very beneficial for upcoming generations.

> FNP is field where you have the number of things to do with excitement; you don't have to stick on one thing. Moreover, you are being respected by people, families, and communities because this is something that everyone can't do.

All in all, playing a role as Primary Care Provider Doctors, you will be awarded among companion who helps and enables people to create happiest moments in life.