Do not adjust the timer to the highest level: Cooktop induction functions based on the principle of direct heat generation in the cooking vessel. So keep in mind setting low-temperature mode to ensure your safety. This is not recommended that you use aluminum pans as they appear to lose heat quicker than certain products do. This allows the food to overheat or flame instantly. Frying pans made of stainless steel or covered with a thin layer of copper, therefore, appear to be a wise choice. If you want your dishes to look delicious like green vegetable dishes and brown steak dishes you should consider these types of frying pans.

Use proper kitchen utensils: The heat produced within the cooking vessel is much faster with an induction cooktop as described above. Therefore consumers can use heat-resistant kitchen utensils. The wooden ladle is strongly recommended for induction cooktop application. If you use a metal ladle, you can get burned due to the physical characteristics of strong heat-borne fuel. If you use plastic ladle otherwise, it might be melting due to the high temperature. You can also stop placing ladle in the cooking vessel when cooktop induction is going. The high-temperature plastic ladle can boil down or burn.

Switch it off a few minutes in advance: you should shut off the cooktop a few minutes before completing the cooking to conserve money since the heat left on the cooktop surface will allow the food to be cooked. This method, though, is only appropriate for boiling rice, and does not refer to frying rice with a lot of oil.

Induction cooktop is held away from the ground, the main source of heating and steam. Cooktop induction is put at least 15 cm away from the source of heating and steam. The ideal temperature ranges from 10 to 40 ° C for induction cooktop use.
Holding sound recording, microphone, television 3 m away from electrical appliances is critical as these electrical appliances are prone to magnetization. They would become unusable because they are magnetized.

Users should regulate temperature properly when using an induction cooktop. More specifically, if you are using a cooktop with induction, you can pay complete attention to preparation. Since cooktop induction capacity is enormous, some-minute negligence by the consumer could lead to overheating cooktop induction. Overheating can crash the cooktop sheet.