After weeks or months to complete the development of your desired mobile. The next step is to download such an application on the Play App Store or Google depending on the user. Soon you will realize that high quality is not the only factor that ensures that your application will be downloaded. In this article, we help you with some steps to ensure that your mobile becomes visible to potential users. Taking this step will ensure your time and effort as well as mobile application developers do not become waste.

The following tips can improve the number of downloads and increase awareness of your app.

1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Many users do not search applications on the App Store or the Play Store but through Google Search. It is important to optimize the App Store to input the application is well-positioned in Google SERPs. As the optimization of search engines, there are two pages ASO:

• A significant title is important, the description must be written in an optimized way, and application screenshots must be stored.

• You should encourage users to evaluate the application and submit opinions.

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Here the focus should be on the right notes (anything above three stars is good). Establishing links to your application in the forums or on a specially created website would improve the classification application store.

The app store description should be to short, concise, and easy to understand sentences. It is the first thing a potential user reads and if the text is not interesting enough, the user jumps quickly. Keywords should be used in the description so that search engines can find entry in the words.

2. Create trailer and promotional video

After optimization of the app store text, the trailer can convince a potential user of the application even better. The first minute of the video is crucial. Also, special attention should be paid to the quality of the video, after all, the video represents your application. A video often shows the application functions better than screenshots can do.

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3. Advertising in Forums

Another important point is the dissemination of information on the application on the Internet. The forums are good for the introduction of your application. Most postings on the application, the better. The user should have the opportunity to give feedback or criticism outside the application store. The application should become a topic of conversation, which is a good basis to increase the popularity of the application. The reactions to user feedback in both the App Store and in forums to improve the quality of the application, the user has the feeling that it is reacted individually.

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4. Advertising on social networks

Social networks are the best way to disseminate new products and information these days. The popularity of the application can rapidly increase by a large community. If you do not have a large online community of your own, it is important to build. nothing works without Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook this century.

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5. Create the home page for the application

To reach even more people, it is also suitable for creating an application for the website. A good site ranking inevitably attracts potential users to the application. Particular attention should be paid to attractive design and valuable content. Screenshots, explanatory videos, and descriptions of applications also allow the user to get an overview of the functions of the application on the desktop.

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6. AdWords ad

It is possible to create advertising campaigns for your application. AdWords offers the ability to display advertisements in the areas of potential and target groups. For example, apps competition that is similar to your application, increasing user base, and help attract more attention in the search results from Google. A good thing is to be a step ahead of the competition.

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7. App Indexing

The content application can also be made available by so-called deep links in search results. For Google to analyze the content of the application, it is necessary to implement the API index. It allows quick and easy access to the contents of the application via Google search. In addition to the download application, users are sent directly to the relevant content in the application.

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If all these points are followed consistently and constantly updated, nothing is in the way of a good ranking in application stores. The success will be reflected in the number of application downloads. It is also essential that your application is superior. Make sure you meet with the best app development company in Delhi.