In today's world, both private and, above all, in business, appearance is very important. The way we dress conveys a lot of information about us. The person we meet with can read from our styling what my character is, commitment, what we are interested in, and even what we want to communicate through our clothes.

Nowadays, we can buy shirts that fit the body as well as the right colors through many online shops. This is extremely important for people who do not have the opportunity to go to the store personally or it is simply not possible due to the distance. Another important aspect is the price. Many people see buying a made-to-measure shirt as a very expensive purchase. Many shirt manufacturers, through their capabilities, can offer us a tailor-made shirt at a low price.

How does a man measure his own person?

Measuring your body is not complicated. We can easily do it ourselves with a simple tailoring measurement purchased in haberdashery. It is important not to be dressed thickly during the measurement if we do not want to do it without the upper part of our clothes. We stand freely and do not get a lot of air in our lungs or pull in our stomach. Remember that the whole length of the measurement has to be adjacent to the body. The exception is to measure the circumference of the neck where we put two fingers between the measurement and our body.

What is most important and necessary when measuring a man?

The most important and necessary when measuring yourself are four dimensions. That's it. In fact, even three will allow us to sew a matching shirt. The first one, starting from the top of the body, is the aforementioned neck circumference of our neck. We measure it in the lower part where Adam's apple is. Between the measurement and the neck, we put two fingers so as to keep room for free swallowing. Another important dimension is the circumference of the chest and we measure it at its widest point. It often falls out around the man's nipples. The next measurement is the circumference of the abdomen, as in the case of the chest, is again measured at its widest point.

The last dimension that is necessary is our height. We often know it and do not have to measure ourselves. From these four dimensions, the person sewing our shirt reads the length of the shirt and sleeve, which can be determined from our height. The remaining dimensions that can be done on our body are the circumference of our hand both on the forearm and in the biceps. When measuring, the hand hangs freely. The next measurement is the measurement of the ticker. The measurement is carried out by marking points on the back where the horizontal lines of the arm and hand meet. The result of the measurement is the distance between these two points

What details can we choose in our shirt?

The advantage of a tailor-made shirt is that you can choose many details and colours of our shirt. With ever-changing fashions and bolder styles, shirt manufacturers allow us to choose more and more. Today, we not only choose whether a shirt should have a pocket or not, but whether it should be on the outside or inside. Whether it is to have one colour or whether the top pleat is to have a different colour or a hem for the inside pocket. There are also many types of collars to choose from. Traditional Italian is the most popular one. They are also such as buttoned collars both in the traditional way and on the underside where the buttons are not visible.

Recently a collar in the form of a stand-up collar is gaining a lot of popularity. The shirt can have long or short sleeves. Those who are less determined with long sleeves may opt for the safari type, i.e. a sleeve that can be rolled up and fastened with a strap placed inside the sleeve with a small button that is sewn to the sleeve. The button itself is often in the colour of the shirt so that it is hardly visible. Other details are for example mock-ups. They are both traditional one- or two-button adjustable and elegant double-rolled with clips.

As you can see, ordering a bespoke shirt is not difficult and requires no specialist knowledge. All we need is a measure and some time.