As the COVID-19 keeps on spreading and compelling individuals to stay in isolation, the demand for alternative resources has increased. This includes telehealth medical care services that permit patients to meet with their Primary Care Provider Doctors, from anyplace with a secure internet connection.

Also, numerous customers are choosing to use telehealth benefits to avoid putting extra burden on the healthcare system. It also strengthens social separating approaches and maintains a strategic distance from transmission risk during a visit.

How does telehealth work?

If you have ever utilized the patient fusion portal provided for you by Primary Care Doctor or medical clinic, then you may have some thought regarding telehealth. In past, telehealth was used only to book appointments. But now it incorporates a wide range of conveyance delivery systems including audio or video conversations.

To utilize these facilities, you don't need to be an older patient with a care provider; new patients are also allowed to use this beneficial technology. All you have to do is to check whether your Primary Care Doctor is available or not.

How to get to telehealth services?

Anybody, who has a cell phone or PC or laptop, can get to telehealth services. There are some private pay administrations accessible for telehealth services on a payment basis. These telehealth suppliers are associated with different emergency clinics and specialists across the nation. You may download the application online on play store or on Apple app store. The charge structure is shown once you choose the specialist with whom you have fixed an appointment.

Here at Associates in Health & Wellness, patients are getting the benefits of telehealth services. Follow these few steps to initiate chat with your doctor-

> For Telehealth Services Appointment Scheduling, you will have to register through phone call after seeing the availability of specialists. Timing is mentioned on official website.

> After that, your provider will send you an invitation to initiate a video chat that will arrive through a text message on the phone or email. You will have to click on that link within 10 minutes.

> If you are using it the first time then it may ask for permission to use your camera and microphone to allow access.

> You will be directly taken to the health expert where you can ask for medicine follow-ups, and discussing new health issues that you are facing in this quarantine. Make sure your internet connection is not slow, otherwise connection may be lost. 

When you may use Telehealth services?

Use telehealth servicers when you feel symptoms that are less dangerous for every age group although it is related to COVID-19. Here at Associates in Health & Wellness, you can book the appointment for Online COVID-19 Screening. It can be successfully surveyed through the telehealth visit. Common cold and flu, constipation, headache, fever, allergy, insect bites, coughing, skin-related issues, stomachache, and sore throat are signs that are common.

After discussing your problem concern a virtual visit, your care provider can start treatment. In many cases after the virtual visit complete, doctors advise you to visit the clinic nearby immediately for further tests.

Individuals who feel the symptoms of COVID-19 are at high risk, they should not rely on such virtual visits. They should call directly to start treatment.

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