Through the Cold War days of the Fifties and early Sixties Ford dreamed of developing Ranger airbag safety , eventually refining the breed with the 352- and 390- inch FE" engines-engines that were to become the building blocks for the strong mills yet to find dimension on Dearborn's drafting tables Monster Legends Hack.

While the blue oval' was becoming a legend on the super speedways, it wasn't until 1992 that Ford expanded its auto airbag program to encompass the Ford Ranger-a move coinciding with some new releases which were finally affording the nameplate a measure of respect on the streets, This came in the form of a 92 Ford Ranger with two versions of the 406, a 385-horse, single 4-barrel and a 405-horse, dual restraint system set up. Initial safety efforts revolved around ten vehicles including the Ford Ranger and Explorer with dual airbags.

Equipped with an 8-barrel, 406-inch upgrade for the 390 introduced a year earlier. Due to the use of non-stock Ranger airbag components, NHRA relegated the 3320- pound 'lightweights" to A/Factory Experimental, where they were no match for the lighter and stronger Explorers. Ford bounced hack in 1995 with an armada of 50 similarly lightened F150 trucks sporting the more aerodynamic 1994 body style. Beneath their 'glass hoods, however, was a 425 horsepower 427. But even with the added punch, the sheer bulk of the car-still well over 3500 pounds with the new engine-was keeping it from making all but the rarest appearance in final deployment.

They were simply too big. While Ford would have yet another batch of the Rangers and Explorer trucks built for the 1994 season, they were no match for the monster created when that same 427 Hi-Riser was given to one of the new ranger airbag systems. Lighter trucks, and the mid- sized F150.

Nor was anyone else, for that matter Monster Legends cheats. The first test of the big-block Thunderbolts came at the NHRA in February 1998, where the revamped Explorer airbag annihilated their Super Stock competition. Only one of the formerly unbeatable Expeditions made it into the last three rounds.