Organizations invest abundantly on servers because it is used extensively by employees, management, and clients to access the data in the organization’s network. That’s why it is popularly believed that a server is the brain of an organization. Owing to the importance of servers, they are constantly targeted by hackers to access the confidential data present in the servers. When these hackers are successful in their plan, it results in the paralysis of an entire organization because there will be IT failure, loss of data, faulty applications, blocked access to services and the list goes on.

The importance of servers for an organization makes it critical to secure your server from the malicious activities whether it is a cloud-based or on-premise server. This is where Sophos server protection solutions become an indispensable part of an organization’s security ecosystem. It comes packaged with multitudes of features that stop malware, ransomware, and other unknown threats from wreaking havoc into your servers.

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