Astrology prediction

Guided visualization and astrology

There is a popular belief that the main function of astrology is to predict the future. The inheritance of predictive-deterministic medieval astrology, the sensational publications, and the frivolity of some astrologers, have contributed to transmitting the idea that the astrological chart is something like a crystal ball to predict the future. But in reality, astrology is, at its core, a source of wisdom at the service of self-knowledge and psychospiritual evolution.

 The person-centered astrological study studies their innate potentiality and also their development throughout life. For this second objective, planetary cycles are used that, applied to the natal chart, inform of the moments in which some significant personal event or process can be expected.

The reliability of these forecasts is usually high, but it will not be possible to predict what will happen specifically or what the individual response will be, as this will depend on the person's free will as well as other biographical and environmental factors.

 On the other hand, predicting an event can provoke what is known as the self-fulfilling prophecy, according to which a thought or expectation is generated that ends up being fulfilled. It is therefore much more appropriate to speak of forecasting rather than prediction .

The concept of astrological forecasting is not an innovation of modern astrology, since many ancient writings show that at all times there were astrologers and sages who chose to indicate favorable or unfavorable moments , instead of prophesying events. And it is that predicting the future supposes thinking that it is unalterable and it only remains to resign, while anticipatingthe future is preparing to live it freely and determine as far as possible the course of one's life.

 Despite its name, astrological forecasting techniques can be applied to any time in the past, present, or future. The retrospective study of past experiences allows us to reflect on the meaning of these experiences and at the same time verify the reliability of the forecasting techniques.

Likewise, they help us to become aware of our present and prepare ourselves for the evolutionary processes that the future poses for us. But sometimes we notice that something foreseen does not happen, or it can also happen that an important event is not reflected astrologically. Reasons that add to the argument and recommendation to question any categorical prediction that we hear.

The concept of astrological forecasting refers to an estimation of possibilities that makes it difficult to determine what the specific event that we can expect will be. For example, a certain planetary transit may indicate significant changes related to the family home that is just being fulfilled, but it will be difficult to previously determine whether it will be a change of address, home renovations, or something related to the close family. of astrological forecasting does not detract from its validity, since it allows us to anticipate possibilities and be prepared to respond to what comes.

It is something similar to what happens when the weather forecast announces rain and based on this information we can go out prepared with umbrellas, stay at home, or go out to get wet if it is our pleasure.

Speculating on our future will be of little use to us if we are not aware of what we are generating with our thoughts and actions in the present. That is why for psychological astrology it is more important to understand the process than to focus on events since the objective is not "to know what will happen" but to understand what is happening here and now.