Making tyres for vehicles is an act that needs both expertise and intelligence. There are several aspects related to car engineering but proving optimum traction to the car owners is considered as the most important factor.

In simple words, tyre traction is the ability of the car tyres to form a firm hold on the road, owing to the frictional force between them. The intensity of frictional force may vary on different surfaces.

For example, due to water on a wet surface, traction may be reduced considerably to affect the stability and control of the vehicle.

If water creates a layer between the surface and wheel, the driver can experience hydroplaning. 

Therefore, car tyres for wet surfaces are made with a special tread pattern to increase traction and disperse water safely.

One more example of the variation due to changing surfaces is snowy or muddy roads. They are slippery, and the manufacturers need unique designs to increase traction.

So, it is obvious that traction’s role in smooth driving is extremely important.

You have read some examples that are enough to make it clear that every car driver does not need the same type of traction.

Thus, it is important to discuss various types of traction.

Different needs, different surfaces, different traction

Well-known tyre making brands in Leeuwarden offer different types of products to provide an optimum driving experience. However, most brands keep traction in the high priority list because of its critical role in driving on varied surfaces.

Secondly, not every vehicle is made with the same objectives. For example, a racing car has different driving requirements and these requirements will be different for a heavyweight truck.

So the type of vehicle and road conditions both are important to consider when the tyre manufacturers are trying to make a perfect tyre for their customers.

Furthermore, tyre manufacturers do not ignore the factors that are known to reduce good traction.

These factors include oil, grease, sand, and mud. These things work as lubricants to let the wheels spin without biting the surface.

Therefore, the tyre manufacturers design suitable tread patterns according to the function of the tyre.

Tyre types to provide suitable traction

There are a lot of tyre types and most types are made to provide proper traction in different road conditions.

The most prominent type of tyres is season based tyres. Mainly, winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-season tyres are available in the market.

These types of tyres are made to run in different weather conditions because temperature affects the tyre material. Therefore, traction on hot, cold, snowy, or wet roads is entirely different. So, wise drivers choose these tyres according to the weather conditions in their place.

Moreover, mud terrain tyres are made to provide better traction in off-road conditions. These tyres are made to run on mud, sand, rocks, and soil.

On the other hand, drivers running in on-road and off-road conditions use all-terrain tyres that are made for both smooth and unconstructed roads.

As you see, tyre traction is just an unavoidable factor. Therefore, whenever you make a plan to buy a new set of Bridgestone Tyres consider your needs and driving conditions before making a final decision.