Working from home, used to be just one kind of leisure, people would love to enjoy it. There is something total opposite that happened in the recent Covid-19, that makes things get on the professional note.

Now everybody has to come on the note of working things out being a freelancer at some time of their life. 

Though this easy and fun but this also, includes some of the difficult to express times. This helps in making sure, things just need to be re-organized instead of stopping them completely.


So, here are a few of the things that are not only fun but are struggles at one point too!


  • Taking video conferencing calls


Accept it, not everyone is ready for their VC calls. This is not a threat but just an irritating notion. You might not want to be available for all of the video calls but you want to make sure, you are not killing your right client attitude as well.

So, for the days, which are likely to happen every day, you end up wearing your pajamas and attending the meetings.

Being a freelance eCommerce developer cannot say no to a requirement discussion meeting and so you end up wearing pajamas to be cool. But this becomes a problem when in your meeting, your slightest careless move makes your pajamas visible.


  • Making boundaries is a little difficult


You get involved in working for the clients but in between communications are difficult for you to manage. On one side you want to take care of your clients but at the same time, your home that has become office has many other things calling you!

This creates a rift between things that are happening in your work front and then in your personal life. This helps in making sure, you are getting to work from home but this also makes another attitude comes up, which brings a rift in the balance made between your work balance and the normal life.

Nobody is different from the league and whether you are a freelance WordPress plugin developer or a freelancer coming from any zone, we know, this is your struggle too!


  • You keep your social life at stake!


You started working from home, a few months back and now you don’t know when you went out last time! Being a freelancer or a person who works from home, things are not easy because, since there is no clear limitation between things, you know, your whole time at home is taken as the time from the office.

Thus it is inevitable that you find it difficult when things come in the way of a freelance web designer India.  You don’t know how to clearly mark boundaries as your complete schedule, in work from home, is badly impacted.

These struggles are not new and those who have been struggling with these few are plenty. There is no doubt the work pattern has changed, but this definitely brings in a lot of change for the people around, as well.