National sales agency Burdette Beckmann Inc. has released its contemporary new brand identity and website. The legacy brand was founded in 1955 and continues to be an industry leader committed to creating meaningful outcomes for clients across the USA martech news.

The site is fresh and modern in both interface and functionality. It showcases BBI’s clean, fun new branding through engaging design features and animations. Users are able to discover in detail BBI’s backstory with an interactive company timeline, learn about the multi-faceted services offered and their proven impact on customers’ sales, and more.

“We are especially grateful in these challenging times to our clients, customers, and associates and wish to demonstrate our firm commitment to continuing to execute for them at the highest possible level. It seemed a great time to resist the urge to slow down and take a more static approach. We decided to go forward boldly and positively as we always have. Our new logo captures the spirit of optimism that our founder has to this day,” said Robert Taylor, CEO of BBI.

BBI prioritizes being at the forefront of creative change. As culture and technology evolve, the company adapts with it, employing more visual and technology-forward techniques to captivate customers. The new logo represents this change and a reinvigorated take on technology. The design is sleek, bold, colorful, and symbolic. Each colored dot represents one of the company’s five channels: Grocery is green; Convenience (C-Store) is red; Special Markets is gray; Vending is blue, Value is yellow.