Due to the sudden wake of Covid19, almost all the organisations are going to face an economic contraction in the coming future. The inadequate receivables during this pandemic are likely to impact the cash positions of the companies. Positive cash flow allows a company to operate, invest, and grow in a way to reach its potential. It is important to keep in check the net amount of cash receipts minus cash expenses by monitoring, analysing, and optimising them. Cash flow management helps in knowing when where and how your cash needs will occur. Also, it helps in being prepared for meeting the additional cash needs whenever required. The net amount of cash and cash equivalents being transferred from into and out of the business can be managed more efficiently by adopting various methodologies that not only improve your business tactics but also help you to renovate and carry out your business profitably. Read more- https://competencydevelopmentprogramme.blogspot.com/2020/05/cash-flow-management-and-lean-six-sigma_6.html