Business transfer data
There are about 140,000 different types of business in Hong Kong (sole proprietorship/partnership/limited liability company), of which 80% have no more than 10 employees and 60% have no more than 4 employees;
At any time, there are about 28,000 companies (ie 20%) seeking sales in the market, but most of them have not been successfully sold, and the total selling price is less than HKD1,000,000;
There are approximately 110,000 potential buyers in Hong Kong, but the vast majority have never purchased any business. Most potential buyers are not qualified, such as insufficient funds, insufficient capacity, eager to start a business or start a business;
Even if there are a large number of potential buyers, they can only successfully sell 20% to 25% of the first transaction in the market. If they do not pass professional intermediaries, the success rate is about 5%;
The number of employees and sales are standard. The larger the company, the easier the sales. The service industry is the easiest to sell (45%), followed by the catering industry (18%) and the retail industry (10%);
Companies with 1-4 employees have a successful sales rate of 17%; companies with more than 200 employees have a successful sales rate of 35%;
8% of SMEs are chain-operated, and this proportion has an upward trend;
70% of SME buyers need external financing (banks, relatives and friends) when buying a business, and the average price is 50% of the business price;
US commercial intermediaries report that 99% of sellers did not make any relevant preparations before selling the enterprise, which caused many problems, such as irregular financial records and reports, unclear ownership and equity, outdated inventory, and lack of profitability and Service products, underperforming employees, etc.;
Most potential buyers end up not buying a business. The reason is usually a lack of understanding of the business buying process, which raises doubts; funding issues; reservations about the company’s continued profitability; and concerns about miscalculation of important information.
Business registration
All business organizations (whether limited liability companies, sole proprietorships or partnerships) must apply for a "business registration certificate" to the business registration office of the tax bureau within one month of opening.
Before applying for a business registration certificate, a limited company must first register with the company registry to check whether the company name to be used is used. The company will not
Because the company name to be selected is the same as the company name registered or registered in the company registry record, it is registered.
The address of the company registry is 14th floor, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong (website:, telephone: (852) 2867 2587 fax: (852) 2526 9843.
For enquiries, please refer to the one-stop business registration and company registration website of the Hong Kong Government.

License application
When opening a business in Hong Kong, no matter what industry you need, you need a relevant business license. To save time and reduce the chance of violating relevant government regulations, companies can use commercial license information to search. This free service provides detailed information about government permits, permits, certificates and approvals required for businesses in Hong Kong to conduct business in Hong Kong.

The steps to query the commercial license database are as follows:
Please select the business type first;
Answer related questions;
The database collects and reports the applicable licensing rules and application forms;
You can choose to download all or part of the license information.
Place of business
Land mainly used for commercial purposes in Hong Kong can be divided into commercial units and industrial plants. The procedure for renting land is simple, and there are no restrictions on foreign companies in Hong Kong.
When looking for a suitable office or store, you can refer to the real estate market statistics provided by the Rating Rating and Valuation Department to consider renting or buying real estate.
In addition, related property taxes include poor rates, land rent and stamp duty. To deal with tax issues, you can make full use of online resources through the electronic public services provided by eLife.
When the company opened, recruiting employees was an important part. The basic matter starts with the recruitment channel, understanding of employment regulations and MPF responsibilities. Since then, providing employees with a safe working environment and maintaining good labor relations will help improve the company's competitiveness.
In addition, good personnel management measures, such as protecting employees' privacy rights, promoting equal opportunities, and improving safety management, can make the company run better, enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company, and improve morale and work efficiency.
Employee recruitment considerations:
Employment regulations
Employer's taxable amount
privacy protection
Equal opportunity
Occupational safety and health
In order to make your new products/services attract the attention of consumers, an appropriate promotional plan will work. Factors that must be considered when designing a marketing plan include: the lifestyle of the target customer, your budget, and the method of measuring the results of the plan.
A carefully designed marketing strategy can enhance the original consumer’s sense of belonging to your brand/service. In order to improve cost-effectiveness, small and medium-sized enterprises can outsource marketing work and reduce the expenditure for establishing a marketing department.
Promotion Plan
Traditional media, such as flyers, posters, seat cards, newspaper advertisements, TV and radio advertisements, etc.
New media such as the Internet are advertising to expand the customer base.
Tailored according to the lifestyle and habits of the target customers.
All kinds of media have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the fee gap is also very large, which must be carefully considered.
A set of methods to measure the results of the plan can effectively evaluate the cost-effectiveness of its marketing plan.
The all-round interactive model is a teaching model that truly conforms to the actual teaching environment in Hong Kong. Over the years, graduate students from the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong have improved on this. The program is based on the content preparation of the curriculum development department of the Hong Kong Education Bureau and many popular school textbook publishers (Lang Text, New Asia, Kaisi, etc.), an advanced computer program based on student abilities, referring to past school test paper records, personal special The development of textbooks and teaching methods are aimed at breaking through self. Tutors will also regularly evaluate and recommend students to participate in various public examinations and competitions to enhance students' self-confidence, affirm themselves and lead teaching to benefit 20,000 students. are you ready?

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