Canada is one of the most foremost countries in the world which provides job opportunities for skilled professionals. To help both the applicants and the immigration authorities Canada introduced Express Entry Program in the year 2015. The year 2019 was one of the busiest thus far as Canada welcomed 110,000 new immigrants into the country, while there were a total of 330,000 profiles submitted into the portal. Due to the current US scenario, a lot of young Indians are looking up to Canada for opportunities to migrate to the country. These are all for Canada PR immigration program.

The below are few snippets from the Express Entry Pool report submitted by the IRCC –

  1. 20% increase in the number of profiles submitted in comparison to 2018
  2. 72% of the profiles were suitable for one of the 3 programs
  3. January alone saw an increase in the number of profiles submitted
  4. 47% of the ITAs issued were for Indians who either lived in Canada already or wanted to relocate there

The report suggests that there has been an increase in eligible profiles as the caliber of the candidates has also increased thus suggesting the success of Express Entry system. Most profiles were submitted under one of the below –

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal skilled trader
  • Provincial Nominee program.

However, it is mandatory that the profiles are properly scrutinized before the submission. As the profiles are properly filtered, it will be important to submit the profile with proper back up of documental evidence.

Although the number of profiles submitted into the Express Entry pool is more than that on 2018, the number of ITAs issued is less than that were issued in 2018 due to the filtration process.

Through, Canada Provincial Nominee Program a total of fourteen thousand nine hundred and twenty eight profiles obtained ITA. While through Canadian Experience Class program, a total of 30, 563 candidates got their ITA and a total of 38,809 candidates got their ITA through Federal Skilled Workers program.

Most of the ITAs were issued for candidates between the age bracket of 20 and 34 years thus indicating the importance of age.

Canada has given a lot of importance for all those candidates who are well-educated people with knowledge of at least 1 of the official languages.

If the candidate credentials do not support any of the above mentioned pathways, Canada has defined other pathways through which one can relocate to Canada. A good number of 40,725 profiles from India were issued an ITA and this is the top most country from where the profiles were chosen. Indians having the right knowledge, skill and language proficiency are qualified to enter the periphery with ease.

The other reason why Indians got the top preference is also because, Indians are known for their skill in technology which is one of the top dominating National Occupational Classification code List.

Ontario saw the highest number of immigrants followed by British Columbia. Ontario is the financial and political hub of the country and it houses the most important city of Canada Toronto. It is here that most of the software jobs are prevalent.

It has come to be concluded that the Canada Express Entry system accepts a range of profiles. The system could achieve the targets set by the Canada Immigrations for the year of 2019. A lot of profiles were taken into considerations which were filed by those immigration firms which were ICCRC consultants.

An immigration firm, if is an ICCRC registered, then they know how to proceed with the Canada Immigrations as they will be trained by the ICCRC and will also be given the timely update about the same. An ICCRC registered firm will also be an expert in Canada Investor PR programs.

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