the Price of gold Antam up Usd 7 thousand to a level of Usd 918 thousand per gram on the trade today (30/6). So even the price of precious metal globally is approaching a record, as the increase of new cases of positive corona virus.

Excerpted from Bloomberg, gold prices in the spot market edged up 0.03% to US$ 1.771,75 per ounce per ounce At 7.47 PM. While the price of gold futures gained 0.34% to U.S.$ 1.786,3 per ounce.

the Price of gold stable in the range of close to US$ 1,800 per ounce, a level last seen in late 2011. This is because investors observe the acceleration of the spread of the pandemic corona in developed countries, particularly the United States (US).

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Author: Desy Setyowati
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