Amazon estimates the bonus worth US$ 500 million or Rp. 7,1 trillion for the officials who work for June, in the middle of a pandemic corona. Bonuses are awarded after the giant e-commerce the original United States (U.S.) this completes the schema wages overtime two times in May.

the Bonus given to the employees in the warehouse and shipment of goods. Employees in this division is indeed vulnerable exposed to the virus corona.

Senior Vice President of Retail Operation Amazon's Dave Clark says, the bonus is a form of appreciation to employees. “the Team operating the front line has been doing incredible journey over the last few months. We would like to show our appreciation with a bonus," wrote Clark in a memo collected from CNN International, Monday evening (29/6). (Read: Prevent Covi

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Author: Fahmi Ahmad Burhan
Editor: Desy Setyowati