Thinking about getting started with LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a leading professional social media platform in this world, ranked no. 1 network for B2B lead generation. In simple words, it is a marketing treasure.

With over 675 million users active monthly worldwide on LinkedIn, including executives from all small to big businesses and even multinational corporations, your company has an excellent opportunity of connecting with other influential people in your industry and network.

In this blog, we will discuss all about LinkedIn and how your business can leverage its power to grow in 2020.

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network across the globe, with more than 690+ million registered members in 200 countries. Its members are spread across every continent, and it is used as a platform for different reasons like:

  • Small businesses trust and utilize LinkedIn to hire employees
  • Freelancers use LinkedIn to find work on ProFinder
  • People use LinkedIn to find new employment opportunities by submitting their job applications
  • Service providers are open for business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is ranked as a №1 B2B lead generation platform, and from a marketing point of view, it can help engage with professionals and target them.


LinkedIn provides free service for businesses and individuals to maintain their profiles, connect with people, and access the SlideShare platform. When you upgrade to premium services, you get access to more features. Based on your objectives, you can choose from these four options — Career, Business, Sales, and Hiring.

Content Style: LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, you can post multiple types of content. Let’s discuss them.

  1. Post

When making a post:

  • You can type text with emojis in your main message body up to 1300 characters.
  • In the end, you will find an “Add Hashtag” option to help people discover you using the relevant hashtags.
  • You can also attach an image, video, or document.
  • Below you will also find more options to create a post on a theme based on templates.

2. Articles

To write longer content, you can post an article up to 100,000 characters or less. It is also referred to as LinkedIn Publisher or LinkedIn Pulse sometimes.

3. Live Video

With LinkedIn Live, companies and individuals can broadcast live video content to their network. To become LinkedIn Live Broadcaster, you will have to apply first.

4. Interactions

Just like other social media platforms, LinkedIn also enables its users to like, comment, and share posts. LinkedIn reactions (such as like, celebrate, love, insightful and curious) help users to take part in conversations.

5. Direct messages

Last but not least, there is a direct message option to communicate with your connections.

How Can Businesses Harness the Power Of LinkedIn Marketing in 2020?

Now that we know the potential of LinkedIn Marketing let’s discuss the different ways to harness its power in 2020.

Company Page Branding

Let’s start by finding out how to create and promote your company’s page.

  1. Make a compelling company page –

Start by creating an effective page for your company where prospects can know more about your business and the people working there while engaging with your content simultaneously.

2. Identify your audience and goals –

The next step is to decide who your target audience is and what goals do you want to achieve through this platform.

3. Optimize your company page for search –

It is essential to optimize your company page so that people can discover you.

  • Find out the keywords and phrases that people are using to search for your products/services. Add these terms in the About>Overview, to tell people about yourself and your offerings.
  • Boost your search rankings by linking to your page.
  • Sharing relevant content often can improve your audience engagement and helps your brand to appear higher in the search results.

4. Boost your page followers –

You can boost your page followers by:

  • Using a ”follow” button on your blog or website.
  • Telling your employees to invite their connections to follow your page.
  • Boosting your organic reach by asking your employees to share your content.
  • Promoting your company page on blogs, newsletters, or emails.

Organic Content

You can publish content using posts and articles on LinkedIn. Let’s find out how to make the most out of it.

  • Publish relevant and informative content

The audience loves fresh and engaging content. No doubt, it’s appealing to post content focused on selling your products or services, but the best results will come from informative and helpful content.

  • Use rich media to boost engagement

The top marketing company and pages utilize rich media like photos and videos to grab the attention of their audience. They are highly engaging and interactive.

LinkedIn Ads

This platform offers a wide range of marketing options to help you in promoting your business.

  • Experimenting with Ads

With the help of LinkedIn Ad Manager, you can run an ad campaign all by yourself. It lets you choose your goals, set your budget, and monitor your campaign’s timeline.

a. Sponsored content — It shows on the LinkedIn feed directly across all devices. These are available in three different formats, like single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads.
b. Dynamic Ads — These ads use data from your LinkedIn profile, such as company name, job title, and image to personalize ads.
c. Text Ads — These are simple PPC (pay-per-click) Ads or CPM (cost-per-impression) Ads.

Well, this was all about the power of LinkedIn Marketing. You can connect and target professionals in your industry. With these three ways, you can harness the full potential of LinkedIn Marketing.

Let us know about your views on LinkedIn Marketing via the comments below.

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