If you love to taste different food across the country, try to get treated to a banquet of delights featuring the gastronomic cultures of countries. Asian cuisine is known for its rich flavours and signature cooking techniques found throughout the region.

Some famous dishes such as spicy curry, shabu-shabu, bibimbap, dim sum, chilli crab showcase the diversity and intricacy of Asian cuisine.

A rich and increased sophistication about food, in general, has fueled by new tastes acquired while travelling overseas and by the growing number of immigrants living here who have created a market for the Asian cuisine they left behind. The popularity of vegetarianism has also sparked interest in Asian food.

In Asian cooking, there is such a great range of nationalities that the cooking opportunities are endless. The flavours every country can bring to the table can be too much to handle but there is nothing wrong with taking the best out of all of them. For example, you could start your day off with some Yu Za Kuei which translates into deep-fried devils in Chinese. They are dipped in warm congee, the same way you would dip a doughnut into a cup of coffee in the West. It's a simple mixture of rice and water, and they sometimes add fish

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