The days of generic resumes are long gone. A decade ago, people used to create their professional profiles with one similar objective, “to excel in their career or benefit the organization.” With many technological and other changes that can be witnessed in the past 10-15 years, one is the hiring dynamics. Organizations are interested in hiring people who are unique and passionate. Recruiting managers are quite meticulous to read between the lines when scanning resumes and this is the reason you have to add a personalized touch to your profile.

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Here are the newest trends in resume writing that you should follow!

1. Personal Branding and Selling is Important 

Consider your professional resume as your personal marketing campaign or an advertisement. You have to compel the employers using it. Being bland and predictable would get your job application tossed into the bin. Think creatively about your professional talents, skill set, accomplishments, and what makes you, you. Like a marketing expert, you have to highlight your unique selling points on the resume. There should be a balance between sharing details that are impressive and making up stories that give readers the hint that you are a member of the superhero fan club. 

2. Highlight your Accomplishments not the Job Responsibilities 

There was a time when job resumes were written with sections like job responsibilities, now it is about what you have accomplished. Recruiters and employers are interested to know what you have achieved through your experience. You should proudly mention the sales you made, a campaign that you designed, or a professional test that you passed with flying colors. Instead of writing iffy details like, “I was responsible for creating marketing collateral”, discuss how you did it and what difference it made to the company you worked for.

3. Understanding and Using the Buzzwords 

If you want to land your dream job in the 21st century, learn how to pick keywords within a job post, and tailor your resume according to them. The buzzwords for every position are different, which is why you have to read an ad carefully to tweak the skills and other sections on your resume before applying for a job. Using the keywords within your resume content again requires a balanced approach; don’t turn it into a bizarre buzzword article. 

4. Now Resume Writing is about Regular Tweaks and Edits 

The practice of using the same resume details for every job application is not valid now. You have to make changes to different sections against the job description for which you intend to apply for. 

Learn how to tailor your resume against a job description.

If you want to make your resume stand out, make edits for improvement. Don’t think that a resume you made for applying for a telemarketing job years ago can be used for sending your application for a business development position. 

5. Resume Summary And Objective are Avidly Noticed these Days 

Ten years ago, people didn’t put in much effort to write their resume objective and summary but now things have changed. A hiring manager often reads the summary and objective statement first before going through a professional profile. You should take it as a personal brand statement that can win you a job. 

When writing the objective or summary, use clear, real, and engaging details that make the recruiters and employers want to call you for an interview. If you feel confused when writing the statement, make a list of your soft/hard skills, accomplishments, and aspirations. Work these details out to come up with a punchy career objective. 

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