Unoreads, the knowledgepedia, is an online e-learning platform to help the students and government job aspirant all over India to prepare for all the leading Government Examinations like – UPSC (Civil Services, CAPF, etc.), SSC (CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, etc.), Banking (IBPS, SBI RBI, PO and SO and Clerc), Railways and many more exams. This E learning Platform in India is not strictly for either college going students or the aspirants. Rather, school going children can also use the platform to learn and practice the subjects of their choices.

Our Vision

The vision of Unoreads is to become a part of student’s life, guide him/her throughout the golden period of student’s life and to stretch this golden period beyond the school or college, so that one enjoys to be a student/learner throughout his/her life. This is how a person would keep learning and sharing knowledge.

How Unoreads is different from others?

Unoreads is not simply a blog or a video tutorial website, rather, it is a holistic website for overall preparation for exams or the day to day information. The platform is also one of its kind. It is designed flawlessly keeping in mind the various needs of students. Be it content for subjects, information about the various exams or reading material for day to day life, everything is provided in a well-crafted manner. Apart from that, content is supplemented with more explanations (Mind Map Tables and Flow Charts) or more explanatory Pictures (Handmade Images) whichever is necessary. Moreover, a quiz and a doubts panel are also included for peer to peer understanding of the topics.

The team at Unoreads is a group of students/aspirants who have cleared various examinations like Civil Services Examination or CAPF, SSC’s favorite CGL or MTS, IBPS PO or it is RBI Assistant Grade, the team has vast experience of the needs of any student and is constantly working towards finding solutions for such needs.

What you get at Unoreads?

Unoreads is a holistic website where a user can find material to read, quizzes to solve and doubts to clear. The sections provided in Unoreads are:


All one need is to log-in to the platform by creating a profile, Add your Examinations and select your Favourite Subjects and choose the areas of interest you are interested in and rest is assured by the Unoreads team. You will get all the updates regarding everything you selected on your timeline. In case of any doubt you can ask it to the different users and you can also help others to solve their queries.


In this section, the content for subjects like History, Geography, English and Mathematics is covered thoroughly from the view point of school and government examinations preparation.

Also, the content is boosted with blogs that provide extra explanation or further reading material required for different topics.


Here, all the updates and information about the examinations is included so that a student saves his time and choose wisely without wasting his time here and there. The syllabus of different examinations, cut off are also covered through different blogs.

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest section on Unoreads is one of the best Infotainment options available online. In Areas of Interest one can learn for entertainment the ancient learnings of Ayurveda, Meditation and all. One can also learn the benefits of Food, Health and Sports. The reads are enhanced with hand-made images and Quizzes. This makes these reads or blogs one of the best sources of learning/reading and for developing habit of reading.

Group study

Everybody knows the benefits of group discussions and studies. Unoreads did not stay behind in this. They have designed the Groups options where you can create your own online groups with other users or your friends. The choice is yours if you want to create a Private group in which only you have the option to add to your fellow mates or you can create a Public Group in which any interested user can send you the request to get in your group.


Practice makes a man perfect. This goes well for a student if he is looking forward to acing the government exams. Because it is not possible without sheer practice. The quiz panel on Unoreads is dedicated to this.

There are multiple quizzes to attempt for different subjects, examination oriented and also the trivia quizzes.

The Online Learning Platform in India, Unoreads, first planned to launch the study material for every exam at an affordable cost but after the period of pandemic (COVID – 19), realizing the loss Government and the people faced. The company decided to keep its material free of cost always. And to be a part of nation’s fight against the deadly virus and the poverty.

The goal of Unoreads, now, is to minimise the loss of studies and to provide an online/doorstep option for any aspiring student or aspirant.

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