Central Statistics Agency (BPS) will release inflation data June at noon, today (1/7). Inflation last month is expected to be lower compared to May, because the prices of some commodities down.

"on a monthly Basis, inflation is predicted to about 0.02%," said the Chief Economist of Bank negara Indonesia (BRI) Ryan Kiryanto to Katadata.co.id, Wednesday (1/7).

thus, inflation in annual terms is estimated to 1.79 percent. While in the calendar year forecast of 0.93%.

this Article has been published in Katadata.co.id with the title "the Price of Rice up to Gold Jewelry is Down, the June Inflation Predicted 0,02%" , https://katadata.co.id/berita/2020/07/01/harga-beras-hingga-emas-perhiasan-turun-inflasi-juni-diprediksi-0-02
Author: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Desy Setyowati