the Public can access the token of electricity free per yesterday (1/6). It is in connection with the extension of the discount in electricity tariffs by the government until Semptember 2020 for customers of 450 VA and 900 VA. This discount is included in the stimulus pandemic virus corona.

For customers of 450 VA can receive a token for free electricity. While customers 900 VA can receive a token discount on electricity bills 50%. The director of Commerce and Customer Management PLN Bob Saril stated there are five ways to be able to access the token free electricity, namely through the official website of the PLN, WhatsApp, the help of the device area, contact the call center PLN, and come directly to the service unit.    

Bob stated, the two last way can be done by the community receiving the electricity subsidy that can't access the official site of the PLN and WhatsApp. According to him, PLN has been working with local officials to facilitate the customers who don't have access to the internet.

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