Like most benzodiazepines we have today, there's a high chance that flualprazolam would be highly addictive and lead to abuse. After days or weeks of continuous use, the body develops a tolerance for the drug, and it starts to have sedative-hypnotic effects. This tolerance, however, returns to baseline within 7-14 days. It could take a longer period in a manner that is proportional to the time and intensity of long-term usage.

It is difficult to discontinue the usage of this drug, especially for long-term users. It could even have life-threatening effects if not done appropriately. After discontinuation, there could be a seizure in most persons. Instead of an abrupt end of the usage, it is better to discontinue usage by gradual reduction of the dose. If you plan to withdraw, you should avoid tramadol and other drugs with similar effects.

You can contact a flualprazolam vendor online to get the original product in the right dosage.

If you buy flualprazolam from a vendor, you need to be careful about combining it with other substances. Most of the psychoactive substances are safe, but the effects are disastrous when combined with other drugs. They can lead to life-threatening effects, which may result in death. First things first, if you buy a flualprazolam online, your vendor should have information about the usage and combination of the drug, but in the event of no medical advice, there is something you can do. You should do an online search on Google or any reliable search engine available to you. The essence of online research is to keep you abreast of what you're entering into.

Here are some of the terrible combinations for flualprazolam:


It is dangerous to combine a depressant with a stimulant because it could lead to excessive intoxication. They (stimulants) have sedative effects of depressants, which accounts for the major factor people use to monitor their level of intoxication. When the effects of the stimulant fade, the depressant begins to function above expectation, thus increasing disinhibition and black-out states. You could also be severely dehydrated if you do not monitor your fluids properly. Even if you see a need to combine a stimulant and a depressant, it should be on a strict dosing schedule where a minute amount is taken within a period.


This is another combination you shouldn't try. They are unpredictable and can result in the deadliest of all side-effects. There is a high chance of amnesia, motor control loss, sedation, and delusions. It could also result in the sudden loss of consciousness, and worst still, respiratory depression can set in. If you feel nauseous or a need to vomit, try to sleep in a recovery position, or ask a friend to help you out. An expert flualprazolam vendor would tell you about the pros and cons, especially the right combination.


This combination portends grave danger because it results in respiratory depression, amnesia, muscle relaxation, etc. When a higher dose is taken, it leads to a sudden loss of consciousness and a dangerous amount of depressed respiration. If you experience vomiting, there's also a high tendency to suffocate while at it. If you experience vomiting, take a recovery position to halt it. A recovery position is best for a person who is unconscious but is breathing. It is a first aid treatment for someone who is suffocating from vomit or suffering from a drug overdose.

If you are addicted to this drug, sudden discontinuation is not an option because it is dangerous. Individuals who are addicted should rather reduce the dosage gradually because that is the most effective quitting style. Use flualprazolam in a manner that reduces risk and gives you the desired benefits.