the Price of gold Antam up to Rp 13,000 to a level of Usd 928 thousand per gram on the trade today (3/7). While the price of precious metal globally tend to decline in the morning, today, because the labor data in the United States (US) improved in the middle of a pandemic of corona.

Excerpted from Bloomberg, gold prices in the spot market edged up 0.05% to a level of US$ 1,775,58 per ounce per ounce At 8.14 PM. While the price of gold futures fell 0.17% to US$ 1.787 per ounce.

the Price of gold depressed after the U.S. release of U.S. employment data, aka non-farm payrolls which rose to 4.8 million in June, which exceeded market expectations. This increase is the largest since the U.S. announced u.s. non-farm payrolls in 1939.

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Author: Desy Setyowati
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