the Value of the rupiah opened higher by 0.27% to a level of Usd 14.337 per dollar United States (U.S.) on Friday (3/7) morning. However, not long ago since the opening session, rupiah weakened 0.63 percent to a level of Usd 14.468 per U.S. dollar at 0915 hrs due to some negative market sentiment related to the development of the outbreak of corona virus. 

Not alone, the rupiah weakened along with the majority of Asian currencies. According to Bloomberg, the Japanese yen declined 0.07%, with the Hong Kong dollar by 0.01%, the Singapore dollar is 0.02%, the South Korean won to 0.04%, the Malaysian ringgit and 0.01%, and Thai baht to 0.16%.

While the Taiwan dollar rose 0.22 percent, the Philippine peso 0.2%, the Indian rupee is 0.77%, and China's yuan and 0.01%.

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Author: Agatha Olivia Victoria
Editor: Ekarina