Introduction MBA In Operation Management: Operation management is the activity that changes inputs into goods and services that adds value for the customer. The objective of operation management is to increase efficiency while manufacturing goods and services that effectively fulfill the customer requirement. Countless operating decisions must be made that have both long and short term influence on the organization's ability to produce goods and services that provide added value to the consumer. If the organization has made mostly better operating decisions in designing and executing its transformation system to meet the requirement of customers. Its prospects for long term existence are greatly enhanced.

Meaning of Operation Management In MBA: Operation management is an area that can at times be misapprehended because of its multidisciplinary nature. However, its functions form the lynchpin of business the world over and victory can often rest squarely on its shoulders. The MBA in operations management is a general specialization among main business schools the world over. Operation management is importantly concerned with planning, organizing, and supervising in contexts of production, manufacturing, or the provision of services. As such it is delivery concentrated ensuring that a company successfully turns inputs to outputs in an effective manner. The inputs themselves could appear for materials, equipment, and technology to human resources such as staff or employees.

Definition of Operation Management in MBA: Operation Management is the administration of business practices to generate the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization. It is concerned with transforming material and labor into goods and services as effectively as possible to increase the profit of an organization. Operation management teams attempt to stabilize costs with revenue to get the highest net operating profit possible.

Significance of Operation Management in MBA:

Operation management: operation management includes planning, organizing, controlling, and supervising production and manufacturing activities. The major goal of an operation manager is to ensure timely conveyance of the products and to successfully turn the raw materials into finished products. Operations management plays an important role to run any project successfully. Its benefits include:

  • Operation Management includes alike management for every industry or business regardless of the nature of the operation. Planning, organizing, staffing, monitoring, controlling, directing, and prompting are significant elements. Operation management is compulsory for organizations to manage regular activities seamlessly. With its assistance, an organization can make better use of its labor, raw material, money, and so on.

  • Operation management improves total productivity.
  • Operation management is the management of the different business activities that take place within an organization.
  • Under operation management, there is the maximum utilization of resources leading to huge profits of the company.
  • Earlier everybody believed that operation management was not main for an organization but later on it was found that it is mainly for the functioning of the company.

Top Colleges For MBA Operation Management In India:

  1. Xavier labor research institute (Jamshedpur)
  2. Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore)
  3. Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta)
  4. National Institute of industrial engineering (Mumbai)
  5. SP Jain institute of management and research (Mumbai)
  6. Symbiosis Institute of operation management (Nashik)
  7. Indian school of business (Hyderabad)
  8. Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow)

MBA in Operation Management Courses:

  1. Production management
  2. Operations Management
  3. Operations Strategy
  4. Production planning and control
  5. Demand and business forecasting
  6. Inventory control
  7. Total quality management
  8. Business process modeling
  9. Project management
  10. Logistics and supply chain management
  11. Operations scheduling
  12. Operations research
  13. Quantitative techniques
  14. Enterprise resource planning

MBA In Operation Management Salary In India: the median salary of an MBA operations manager in India is Rs 7.65 lakhs. The salary at the casual level (0-5 years) is around 4 lakhs. This salary is 4% below the national average at mid-career and increases by 28% and 36% with experience from 10-20 years and greater than 20 years severally.

MBA in Operation Management Job Roles and Career Opportunities:

1.Operations Manager: an operation manager key role of a management team and high-level HR duties such as attracting expertise and setting training standards and hiring courses of action.

2.Supply chain program manager: the supply chain manager correlates the logistics of all aspects of the supply chain which involves five parts:

  • Master plan
  • Sourcing of unprocessed material or services
  • Production of efficiency
  • Delivery
  • Return system for damaged products.

3.General operations manager: plan, direct, correlate the operations of the company.

4.Business process managers: In common business process manager evaluates, designs, executes, calculates, and controls business processes.

5.Technical operations manager: A technical operations manager is a leading location in the technical department of an organization. These individuals are in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing organizational technical processes from start to finish.

6.Area operations manager: Direct, review, and manage regular operations and staff, including all reporting. Observe processes and budgets to reduce waste and increase efficiency. help sales efforts and outreach by establishing and maintaining external relations.

7.Plant Manager: Planning, organizing, directing and running maximum day-to-day operations to exceed our customers’ expectations Raising production, assets capacity, and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining current quality standards. In charge of production output, product quality, and on-time shipping.