the Indonesian Market Traders association or IKAPPI noted in the number of traders infected Covid-19 to Sunday (5/7) reached 833 people in 24 provinces and 72 cities or counties. The amount of the most cases there is DKI Jakarta with 217 cases positive in 37 of the market. 

the head of the Field Organization of the Central Board of IKAPPI Muhammad Ainun Najib says the number of merchants who died confirmed positive corona also increased to 35 people. Therefore, IKAPPI asked the government to evaluate the management of the market along with traders.

"Found the addition of positive cases Covid-19 in traditional markets as much as 65 new cases with an additional three people died," said Mohammed in a press statement on Sunday (5/7).

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Author: Tri Kurnia Yunianto
Editor: Ratna Iskana