the Application of short videos from China, TikTok, being one of the 59 applications that are prohibited by the Government of India after the border conflict between the two countries. Due to the banning of it, in a day TikTok loss of 200 million users that are projected to lose up to US$ 6 billion or Rp 87 trillion.

According to Caixin Global, a source said that the amount of the loss from the banning of TikTok it will be greater than the combined losses for 58 applications from China the other in which is also banned in India.

the Government of India banned the 59 applications from China, including TikTok, the impact of the border conflict with Country Panda. In fact, India is a large market share for the TikTok. Even the company's developer Ticktock, ByteDance, has invested more than US$ 1 billion or Rp 14 trillion to expand its user base in India.

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Author: Fahmi Ahmad Burhan
Editor: Happy Fajrian