the Value of the rupiah exchange rate on trading the spot market this morning, Monday, (6/7), stocks opened 0.39 percent to a level of Usd 14.465 per dollar United States (U.S.). Garuda currency strengthened affected by the still positive market sentiment due to improving U.S. economic data.

Along with the rupiah, the majority of Asian currencies rose this morning. According to Bloomberg, the Hong Kong dollar rose 0.01%, the Singapore dollar of 0.12%, Taiwan dollar 0.23 percent, the South Korean won is 0.14%, Philippines peso 0.21 percent, Indian rupee 0.5 percent, China's yuan to 0.15%, the Malaysian ringgit 0.1%, and the Thai baht is 0.02%. As for only Japanese yen weakened 0.2 percent.

Head of Research and Education at Monex Investindo Futures Ariston Tjendra said assets look strengthened like the Asian stock indexes and stock index futures this morning. The level of Government bond yields U.S. 10-year notes also noticeable rose again indicate the market off the secured assets and enter into risky assets.

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Author: Agatha Olivia Victoria
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