Ministry of Agriculture (Moa) has launched the innovation necklace antivirus corona-based eucalyptus. However, the Ministry of agriculture confirms the necklace is not antivirus corona, but aromatherapy to help relieve respiratory disorders. 

"No claim on it (antivirus, corona). This there are posts antivirus corona because of the prototype. So encouragement to the friends of the researchers that we will be heading there (antivirus corona)," said the Head of the Agency for Agricultural Research Ministry of agriculture Fadjry Djufry in a press conference in the Office of the Center for Veterinary Research Ministry of Agriculture, Bogor, on Monday (6/7).

Ministry of agriculture not claimed as a necklace antivirus corona. According to him, the necklace is an accessories of health.

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Author: Rizky Alika
Editor: Ekarina