"Being born of love" makes every friend fall in love with himself, "I will be with you", "love with me", fall in love with myself, although it is very important, and what inface sonic cleansing instrument does is to make every friend clean. This product can be used on skin care, so the cost performance has become the focus of this product!

The inface sonic cleansing instrument is made of Dow Corning's food-grade silicone raw materials in appearance, and can pass SGS testing certifications such as European and American ROHS certification, US FDA food-grade certification, and China 3C quality standards, so you as a consumer can use it with confidence.

What are the advantages besides appearance? Naturally, the sound wave vibration is indispensable. From the vibration of 2000 revolutions per second, the test is continuously changed back and forth to achieve the effect of 5000 revolutions of high frequency sound wave vibration. This is not the case for the well-known luna. The internal design mainly uses tungsten motors through centrifugal electromechanical control Speed, double-layer sonic vibration technology, from the vibration effect in the three-part brush head size distribution combined with silicone to make the cleansing effect more ideal!

For waterproof effect: high-precision silicone seal ring is used for fine seal assembly inside, and a seamless plastic shell is used to wrap the electromechanical motor for complete sealing. The outermost silicone part is thickened to 4.5mm thicker for deeper waterproofing, and the waterproof effect can reach 1.5 meters The depth is more than 10 hours, and the waterproof effect is better than the famous brands!