Growing old and being less mobile is no easy circumstance. Apart from the possible mentally and psychologically problems, the older among our loved ones are afflicted with a host of physical problems.

Of particular note are those who are affected by limited mobility in bones and muscles. This makes mobility extremely difficult and even simple tasks like reaching for things that are above or below very difficult. Fortunately, you can get a mobility aid like a reacher nowadays. Here are the top five reasons you want to have one in your home.


Independent living

One of the simplest reasons to get this daily living aid is that it allows our elderly loved ones a degree of independence with day-to-day chores.

No longer will they need to call on people if they need to reach a jar that’s higher up. No longer will they need to bend down to pick up an item that they may have dropped.

In a sense, it isn’t just a mobility aid for them but is a tool to (re)gain independence at home or in the aged care facility.


Preventive measures

Even if your older parents aren’t too far ahead when it comes to their ability to reach for things, you would do well to help prevent them from reaching that point. Remember, again, that their bones and muscles aren’t where they used to be in terms of capability. Therefore, they can risk harming themselves if they so happen to overreach or bend down the wrong way. A simple independent living aid like a reacher can then become a preventive measure to help them stay out of trouble.


Simple convenience

The beauty of a reacher is that it isn’t an age-restricted device. In fact, it’s a tool that can be used for the convenience of those still at younger ages. There are many scenarios that one might find these daily living aids useful. For example, it is useful for grabbing something that may have rolled off into a hard to reach area. It can also be useful when an item just so happens to be too high and a ladder isn’t handy.



It can also be invaluable as a safety tool around the house. The length of the bar of these mobility aids is adaptable making it easy to grab things further away without falling or slipping. 

The truth is that there are many very useful reasons why investing in daily living aids are a great idea. Provided that you find a sturdily built one, it will have clear utility in and around your home. It will also prove useful to whoever uses it.

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