“Satisfaction” not just a word but a scenario as a whole, a process to be accompalished, a feeling of the people who are satisfied and a feeling of contentment to the person who satisfies. FOOD preparation gives us the privilege to get the feeling of fulfillment and the icing on the cake is when you want to become a chef.

Chef as a profession makes you a complete man. Let us talk about driving a car. You have to be alert all the time while driving. The same is with cooking. It makes you to be more attentive. The cooked food must not only be tasting good but be presentable at the same time. If the hands know the art of blending the spices or the ingredients proportionately then sky is the limit. It is a varied world of endless types of cuisine. Every chef from every kitchen has their distinct style of cooking and their own cuisine. A staple like “kachori” or “samosa” would taste different from one kitchen to another. You get ample number of spices to create your own “garam masala”(Indian spice mix). This makes the life of a chef more interesting and challenging at every moment in the kitchen. You get a thousand moments to smile in a single day if you are a chef.

Growth in the life of a chef is enormous. You become a MANAGER. Managing yourself, the people and the environment around you, makes a remarkable life. Working as a chef makes you managing all the things effortlessly but with perfection as well because the smile on the face of the person relishing your food is the outcome of a chef’s hard work.

It provides with an opportunity to know not just one country but the world. The whole globe is yours. Understanding the food of a country actually makes you the native of that place. A person from the countryside of France can feel closer to his or her home, if the ratatouille is made with utmost perfection. Far flung memories of one’s childhood are re-lived with the help of a spoonful of delicious food cooked and presented by a CHEF.

Tired of working for others and feeling wrapped under the SOPs or limitations. Start your own kitchen and open the gates to the people. Let the world witness your culinary genius and inspire more to opt for the life of a chef.  A satisfied smile on the face of the people is all that matters the most.

We all know the saying ‘ the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach’- it has been made possible and true by the creative brigade of chefs who has been improvising the dishes at a new level and bringing their own soul to calmness. The dedication towards making the world happy is made possible by the hard works done by the chef in his life.

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