COVID-19, Everyone in the world is familiar with this term form kids to elder citizens around the globe, and lockdown is the unprecedented thing for this generation which results in massive economic fluctuations but on the other side, crypto industry has grown tremendously in this pandemic.

Japanese Self regulatory organization for the crypto industry, JVCEA, has reported regarding the massive growth in crypto holdings.

There is an 11% increase in the number of bitcoins between the previous month and this month. Similarly, XRP raises to 6% and Ethereum raises up to 5%. some other cryptocurrencies such as mona coin, litecoin also gained significant growth.

XRP hit the new record of the second largest traded cryptos in Japan!. At the beginning of the march month. Price of the bitcoin decreases from 8,600$ to 6,400$ but even in interesting things is that even in the downtime also Japanese exchanges maintain decent trade volume.

Not only Japan, Many countries such as UK, USA, INDIA also attained the good growth in Crypto Trading. It vividly shows the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as the global currencies and Starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange seemed like an outstanding idea for this period. Actually, it is not that difficult any business people can easily start an exchange by consulting with Crypto Exchange Development Company and build it from scratch or one can simply buy Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts such as Binance Clone Script, Localbitcoins Clone Script, etc and build an exchange.