With modern advancements in technology, people demand almost every service at their doorsteps. The taxi and the delivery services market have already turned towards the online medium, and people enjoy these services from the comfort of their homes. However, people find it quite daunting to locate and access home service professionals. Dialing service professionals over the phone is a tedious task, especially when professionals do not pick up the call or turn up to work. 

This has led to the rise of apps like UrbanClap, TaskRabbit, etc., wherein entrepreneurs leveraged technology to create a virtual medium between customers and service providers. There are numerous home service apps launched nowadays, but only a handful are turning out to be successful. The workflow of the platform plays a crucial role during UrbanClap like app development. Let’s glance at the workflow of both the customers’ and service providers’ app here, 

The workflow of the Customer app: 

  • Users download and register with the app by providing valid credentials or logging in through social media handles. 
  • Users search for their desired services by filtering out service providers based on their ratings, experience, and many other sorting options. 
  • After finding their necessary service providers, they can instantly book their services or schedule their appointments to a future date. 
  • Once the service providers confirm their requests, they get to track them through the in-app navigation feature. 
  • After availing of the services, they pay for the professionals through the multiple payment gateways in the app, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. 
  • They can rate and review the services offered through the in-app rating feature. 

The workflow of the Service provider app: 

  • After downloading the app, service providers upload the necessary documents for the admin’s approval. 
  • Once the admin approves the service providers, they can offer their services to the app users. 
  • Service providers can switch between their availability with the aid of the availability toggle feature. 
  • Whenever customers request services, service providers can accept or reject them based on their convenience. 
  • They can reach the customers’ locations seamlessly with the aid of real-time tracking features. 
  • After providing services, they receive their payments in no time after the commission cut-down by the admin. 

Bottom line, 

There is no point in developing an app like UrbanClap clone script if your users cannot navigate the app and find services in a flash. The workflow of a platform impacts the app experience to a significant extent. Integrate a seamless workflow during your UrbanClap clone app development and register your place in the customers’ smartphones.