All over the world, uber has wholly taken over the taxi industry. It has truly transformed how we view the taxi industry. In terms of app usage, uber is one of the most-used apps for people. It is convenient and easy to use.  

Do you desire to make extra pounds from uber? If the answer is yes, make sure to read the article as we shall look at the fundamental things you need about uber driving and insurance. After reading this article, you understand why it is essential to have a private hire taxi insurance for uber drivers. 

Understanding Uber Insurance Cover in the USA, the U.K., and the rest of the world. 

Uber is a U.S. company, and in terms of insurance, it does offer insurance cover when you have a client using their services. The insurance cover is for US Uber drivers. However, uber insurance cover for the US Uber driver does not cover the insurance cover when you are alone. US Uber driver insurance cover does not cover while driving in without clients.  

When it comes to the uber drivers located outside the U.S., for instance, in the U.K., the uber insurance cover does not cover them.  Uber doesn't hold any obligation with regards to their U.K. driver's protection. As Uber does not possess vehicles, the driver must guarantee the right security is set up – this is additionally demonstrated during the onboarding process. Here in the U.K., private hire taxi insurance is reasonable for Uber drivers.  

Case scenario of what happens when Uber Driver Has an Accident without a private hire taxi insurance 

We should assume since aUber driver causes a mishap and harms another person, either the traveler or an outsider, and that property harm is likewise included. The injured individuals make a case on the driver's car insurance cover, requesting that the driver cover the loses and damages caused by the driver. The insurance provider will look into the case. They identify that the driver was using it for uber services then the insurance provider will refuse to cover the damages. 

Further, they may terminate the insurance cover because the driver was going against the terms and conditions of the insurance cover. The driver is focused on covering the losses incurred, however, with a private hire taxi insurance, the injuries, and damages. So as an uber driver, you will be protected. 

In the U.K. and any other part of the world, for peace of mind and protection, uber and Lyft drivers are advised to take private hire taxi insurance. It not only covers you but any third party loss or damage you may incur. So you can continue hustling for that extra pound with ease.