Entrepreneurs predicted Indonesia's economy is on the verge of recession. The government was required to anticipate the impact that may occur due to the economic recession. 

the Chairman of the DPP Entrepreneurs Association Native said Indonesia will experience a fate not far with Singapore and other countries related to the economic conditions of the quarter II. The Neighbor country has announced an economic recession with an economic contraction that reached 41,2% in the II quarter of 2020 compared to the previous quarter, Singapore is the country of the foreign investors to high. 

"Indonesia will suffer the same fate as the impact of the pandemic Covid-19 that has devastated a variety of business activities in various countries around the world," said Chairman of the DPP of the Employers Association of the Natives of Indonesia (Hippi) of DKI Jakarta Sarman Simanjorang, as quoted from his statement, Friday (20/7).

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Author: Rizky Alika