bladder cancer

bladder cancer - bladder cancer using the patient's own small intestine, the result is mandatory or some other reason for his re-introduction into the bladder.artificial bladder.

diagnosed with bladder cancer-what is it?

bladder cancer What?

urinary system bladder cancer GR&treatment r&lebilece Real Madrid is one of the cancers. The urinary bladder (bladder) b&Brek from treatment &urinary tubules with reter v Real Madrid&Real Madrid to be stored until it is eliminated from the cut allowing the normal volume of 400-500 CC took the internal membrane and the outer layer which is a layer of hast Nov yourself with a pear-shaped organ.

in the urinary bladder kontrols&z Real Madrid atypical h&Cren and untreated metastasis to distant organs that lie ogalma by developing internal order;l&Real Madrid mle-end&back charged we call cancers bladder cancer.

what causes bladder cancer?

&purification, primarily the bladder mucosa (inner membrane), atypical h&lie that they thank Cren&L Real Madrid. Then this h&Cren lie that the kontrols&z that lie in the way ogalma begins and the first signs such as bleeding in the urine begins to give after a certain volume. More b&government;y&women;health history G&the bladder the bladder is the outer layer of tissue ago Nov at Real Madrid later in the neighbourhood prostate is the rectum, keeps organs such as the uterus. Lymph also through b&treatment of the regional lymph nodes through the blood to the liver, lung, metastasis to organs such as bone (d&internal work) makes. Internal organs going kontrols&z Real Madrid in order to ogalara or internal l&lie to me-end&back s brings.

What are the causes of bladder cancer?

T&government;m in the operation for a definitive diagnosis of bladder cancer is not. However, smoking is one of the most important factors. Also genetic factors&type., chimney cleaners, those of internal employees in the paint industry, chronic bladder infections, Long-s&Real Madrid's bladder stones, parasitic infections, is responsible for.

What are the symptoms of bladder cancer?

symptoms of bladder cancer is bleeding in urine thrombotic 40 years of age &Real Madrid, st&women as male or female t&government;individuals, such as bladder cancer until proven otherwise m health history&Government;n&Real Madrid l&P that lie further examination should be done. The most important symptom of bladder cancer is bleeding in the urine for thrombotic.

when the cancer is progressing, difficulty in urination, frequent urination and internal ikma, urination, the bladder b&S and pain in the stage area&urine colors that lie there was a feeling, b&B and treatment of urine retention in treatment Brek valuable research connected to expansion ikan Brek from pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, defecation problems due to the involvement of the last part of the colon, bone involvement, bone pain no arrow, such as non-specific symptoms may be.

diagnosed with bladder cancer-what is it?

from time to time patients usually, clotted blood or urine tests urine blood in the urine with complaints from g&r treatment&that lie comes in the form of deaths. Then, ultrasound, or, if necessary, computed tomography (CT) is performed. So with the camera system inserted into the urinary bladder cystoscopy diagnosis and S&Pheli place it is diagnosed by taking a biopsy from that lie.

what is the treatment of bladder cancer?

to patients after the initial diagnosis of bladder cancer has been made off-camera system type-m surgery is done, no lymph nodes ikan t&m that lie&women of surgery and pathology, G&G and the result will be sent in order to treatment or re-treatment and follow-up is determined. Bladder cancer health history&Government;K-grade and y&result, high grade &two T zere Real Madrid&government;rl&women;health history r. Health history&Government;K-grade cancers are less aggressive and less likely to spread, more y&result;zeysel is. Early and good treatment is done if you follow n&Real Madrid, we risk a valuable research ksetme health history&government;kt&government;r.

followed by cystoscopy every 3 months for 3 years then 6 months then 1. Cystoscopy every 3 weeks after s&ine Real Madrid, with the Rhine of the urinary bladder can be provided internal to internal. In spite of this, n&kseders Real Madrid are taken of the urinary bladder of the patient, and instead of artificial (orthotopic-is made from the bladder of the bladder from the GI tract. In this type, t&result, m&a type. internal. ini 5 years, 70% In n&kseder Real Madrid.

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