Source: setup round robin lead assignment


So you want to setup round robin assignment for your sales team. And you want to do it fast. Let us show you how you can set it up in 10 minutes with Power Router.

Before you start:

Identify the people you want to set round robin for and assign them power router licenses. If you are using the trial version, you can skip this step as well, since you would have a site wide license for Power Router.

Step 1 -> Create a Team

Add the group of people you want to your team. Make them active.

Step 2 -> Create a Workflow

You can think of creating a workflow in the following terms:

  • Where to pick the leads from – This could be a queue or a user. This information goes into {Routing Queue}
  • What kind of leads to pick from the queue/user – This is the filter you choose to fetch leads from the selected queue. This goes into  { Record Selection Rules }
  • How to assign the leads -> This signifies whether you want to assign the leads in round robin or weighted fashion. This goes into { Routing Object Details }
  • Who do you want to assign the leads to – This is the team you created in the first step. This goes into {Lookup Team}

In our example,

we want to get leads from International Leads queue and filter them by leadcolor__c=’Red’ and assign them to Red team in a round robin fashion.

Simple isn’t it?

Step 3 -> Start Power Router

You are almost done. Just go ahead and “Start Power Router”. You can also change configuration settings and notification settings here. But for our basic workflow, we can skip these settings for now.

Step 4 -> Validate the result

If you don’t believe it was that simple, go ahead and validate the results. There are 2 ways to do this in Power Router:

Router Activities -> This is the detailed view of how every lead is getting assigned using Power Router. You don’t have to guess why a lead was assigned to someone. You can see why a particular lead was assigned to a specific person and which workflow was triggered to do so.

Dashboards -> This gives you a high-level view of how all your workflows are performing and what is the distribution of leads amongst your team members.

And that’s it! You have setup your first round robin assignment!