India visa in Spain, Processing, and fees

Twice we have visited the great Indian

subcontinent and obviously twice we have had to process a visa. On one occasion the visa of India in Spain and another in Hanoi during our Round the World trip. In Vietnam, we managed the visa directly at the Indian embassy in Hanoi and it turned out to be a relatively simple process as we have already described in a previous post. The second time we processed the visa for India was during the preparations for the trip that took Yolanda to discover the best of Kerala.

Visa from India in Spain

On that occasion, the process turned out to be somewhat more complicated when living in Tenerife and having to do all the paperwork in Madrid, which is where the Indian embassy is located, so, next, we will explain how to apply for the Indian visa in Spain.

* Update: recently Spanish citizens can apply for the "On Arrival" visa, that is, via the internet before home and by collecting it at the authorized entry points to the country. In this link, you can complete the process, although below we tell you something more about the process.

How to get an Indian visa in Spain?
Unfortunately, there is no possibility to apply for the visa on arrival, so today (July 2015) the visa for India in Spain can only be obtained through an intermediary agency called Arke. The only ways to apply for the Indian visa are through the window in Madrid, through the said company in Barcelona, or by courier to the rest of the country.

India Arke Visa

Documents and how to apply for the Indian visa in Madrid?
In our case, we requested a 6-month tourist visa through courier and these were the documents that we had to send (however, we recommend visiting the website of that agency as the necessary paperwork may change from one day to the next).

? Original passport with a minimum validity of 6 months and with at least 2 sheets free of stamps or visas

? Photocopy of the passport. That is, from the first page, where the person's data appears

? Photo (1) DNI type - Passport with white background

? Payment of the corresponding fees and copy of the receipt of payment

? Visa application form that can be obtained online here

? Passport return form and declaration of most common errors, both signed

Visa India
How much does the Indian visa in Spain cost?
In our case, requested by courier cost 64.50 euros to which we had to add the delivery of documents by courier, which cost about 36 euros (this is the price corresponding to shipping from the Canary Islands, from the peninsula it costs 24 euros ). In total 100.50 euros.

The sending of documents must be by SEUR, they do not accept any other company. We sent it on a Wednesday and on Monday morning we had the passport returned with the visa processed.

the number of countries that can process electronic visas has been expanded and, finally, Spain is among them.

• How is the electronic visa for India processed?

The electronic visa for India must be processed through this page and will be valid for only one entry to the country.

To process the visa online it is necessary to have a passport with at least 6 months of validity from the date of entry to India as well as having 2 blank sheets. At the time of applying for an online visa, a scanned copy of the passport will be required, as well as a DNI photo that clearly shows the applicant's face. Having a return ticket is necessary as they will request it upon arrival in India.

• How much does the online visa for India cost?

The service fee is US $ 60 to which we add the US $ 2 more for management expenses.

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