Tinder introduces a new feature after a match with someone. Most of the people are not able to see their friends and their loved ones so video calling is the solution to have a 50%  real-time experience so Tinder launched a new video call feature for the people who got a match. So many matched couples are having conversations in Tinder without seeing. This provides a solution to it. 


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How It Works


  • Both sides are decision-makers: Tinder will help you to create a platform for texting and for video call the same rules applicable face to face will be enabled only when both are ready to show their faces and click video option.
  • Toggling On/Off: Video chat feature can be off or on based on the user’s expectation.
  • Follow Rules: Tinder policy provided some rules for the users to follow it.
  • Reviews: After the successful video, the user should provide a rating to improve it.

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