Focus on conversion


Responding to a lead within an hour of receiving it, increases your chances of qualifying the lead by 7x.


1. Assign leads in real time

2. Configure service level agreements to respond faster

3. Route only when reps are available ensuring faster follow ups


Easily add or remove reps from round robin


1. The old way – A rep leaves, you contact your system admin, remove them from the assignment rules, assign their leads and accounts to some one else. Add someone else to their rules. So much time wasted.


2. The new way – Remove the rep from the team or just mark them inactive. One click. Thats right.


Segment leads anyway you want


Segment your pipeline based on geography , lead source, product or territory and create different rules for each segment.


Holidays, Schedules and Availability


Ever had to manually re-assign leads to another rep because someone was on vacation?


The delay in this process can be a “conversion killer”.


Setup holidays and schedules in advance to remove such routing glitches.


Impress prospects with prompt follow-up


Imagine if all your reps followed up with a lead within the first 30 minutes? Sounds too good to be true?


You can define SLAs for follow ups so that a lead automatically gets reassigned when no action is taken. Contact the lead while they’re hot!

Source:Salesforce Lead Routing