The business organizations today have to handle a lot of work which includes the incoming calls of the customers also. If you miss any call, then it leaves a bad impression on the customer. If the calls of the customers are ignored, then it does not look good professionally. It is very important to manage the calls for the business organization and the advanced features of the virtual phone number will help up you to handle all the calls effectively. The customers will not have to wait for long as the calls can also be forwarded if the employee is busy.

Visual Voicemail

All the information about the voicemails is displayed visually to you. The details like who called, duration, and time of the call along with the transcription and audio are included. You can respond to the voicemails directly from the voicemail section. The voicemails can be managed from the email or even online it can be managed. When you get the voicemail, you can very easily respond to it, delete it, or download it. The best thing about the visual voicemail is that the time gets saved and everything is lined up for you so you won’t have to dig for the calls.

Call recording

It is an automatic system that helps in recording all the calls. Such features are provided by the various service providers of virtual phone numbers like avoxi but MightyCall provides high-quality services to its customers. It is not at all complex to use and you can very easily use it simply. The unlimited call recording can be done and you can also sort the calls by a caller, length, and date. By this, you will be able to sort the calls easily and check any call you want. The virtual phone number has such amazing features.


With the virtual phone number, you can always receive and make the calls with the help of a softphone. The softphone is an application program that enables VoIP telephone calls. You can use your computer for making and receiving phone calls. Various service providers provide you different types of tools so you can use softphone depending on different circumstances rather than a physical phone. Even the softphone can be preferred over the webphone as you need not keep the browser window open. Even if you are using a softphone, the customization can also be done by you.

Your virtual phone system will have all the call history both attempted and completed. The data is presented in a very convenient format and it includes text messages, voicemails, calls, and call recordings. With the help of the filters, the information can be grouped for analyzing the different factors. Moreover, you can also download the call history so as to keep the record. Moreover, the performance dashboard is also provided in the virtual phone system, and in this tool, the advanced reports can be analyzed. With the help of this, you can check your efficiency and customer service.