Amazon supports a special internet browser known as silk. This is the default web browser for many users using the Kindle Fire services. Unlike the other available mainstream web browsers, Amazon knows what sites users prefer to visit and catches them for the users in advance in order to share the robust browsing experience. Installing the Silk Browser Kindle Fire update Silk Browser Kindle Fire update is important for continuing with the best browsing experience with Kindle. When your browser updates, you not only enjoy the improved browsing experience. But, you also get a privilege to use the new features supported by Silk Browser Kindle Fire Update. Below, we have highlighted some outstanding features that users can access after updating their silk browser on Kindle Fire. 

Updated navigation bar

With the updated Silk Browser you get a change colour theme for having better readability. The icons available on the navigation bar are from the homepage and bookmark to ensure easy access to the users. In the latest version of the web browser, there is an easy entry point to the left panel menu of silk for easy access, it also increases the Hamburger menu size. From the left panel menu of Browser, you can also access the private window, customise the browser settings and check your history.'

The updated home page experience

From any open tab, you can easily tap on the 'Home' icon present in the navigation bar to check the updated homepage of your Silk Browser. You can see the most visited websites listed clearly in the tiled format, here you can easily identify your favourite icons. These modifications make it easy to skip the page quickly and find the website that the user is looking for.

Simplified bookmarking

With silk browser kindle fire update, you can easily bookmark your favourite webpage for later access. While browsing any web page, you can simply tap on the 'Bookmark' icon present on the Navigation bar for creating your bookmark.

If you want to see the bookmark, you can simply tap on the 'Homepage' icon and then click on the 'Bookmarks' tab. From this page, you can find, manage, sort, and share the bookmark with others if you like to.

Improved reading list

The reading list in the updated version will enable the user to save the article for reading it later. Users can also save the article for reading it offline. If you like to read the article later, you can simply tap on the menu icon with three dots present on the right side of the address bar and after that, tap on the 'Save to Reading List' option. The latest update of the Silk browser also allows the user to view the 'Saved Articles' under the heading 'Reading List' present on the Home page. From there, you can find, search and sort all the articles you have saved. Articles with Blue icon are the un-read articles and you can see them appearing next to the heading 'Reading List'.

Improved Tab Support

Doing the multi-task becomes simpler with the silk browser Kindle Fire update. The latest version comes with an increased number of tabs ( from 10 to unlimited' number. When you like to switch between the tabs, you will see that page loading is faster. There are also some favourite website icons which can help you in the identification for opening your tabs.

The Bottom line

For the better User experience, it is very important to install a silk browser Kindle Fire update for your device. This will help you to enjoy better services and features with your all-new updated web browser and make your user experience better than ever before. In order to make sure that you have the latest update installed, synchronise your device while connected to the network. If you want to get more details, you can contact the Kindle help team and get the expert support for clearing all the doubts.