Let me tell you, this blog is about uber like clone app for movers and packers, and how if you get your hands on one of this will be a good source of revenue for you. The contents of this blog are clearly intended to educate people about the niche opened up by providing moving services to people in general, so if you are looking to do something in that space then, by all means, read on.

Movers app, let’s call it Ease Move(for the lack of a better name, yeah I know “so original”) generally helps people to pack their belongings and move them to different places with ease. Fun fact the number of people moving to different places has increased by 20% says some number churning company. The whole space is quite lucrative for anyone who’s into managing a set of freelance associates and customers.

So, what do you think? It indeed seems like a lucrative affair if not anything else(You don’t need anything else, do ya?). Also, uber like app for movers and packers services has three facts to it, a powerful and all-seeing admin dashboard, that basically your throne. You see everything and know what’s happening right from the controls to the money that flows in. Then there’s an interactive Partner app that lets you get connected to the freelance movers who with your silver-tongued abilities will be at your beck and call. Finally, the app that has the most number of users, the user app.

Uber like movers and packers clone script will not only be interactive but carry a lot of offers for a repeated customer association with the app. While I have always been a fan of great feature, don’t know if you are, but if you are then, here’s a list of features for you!

• Mover’s Availability Toggle

• Mover Profile

• Schedule Appointment

• Push Notifications

• Payment Integration

• Geolocation

Using this uber like movers and packers clone script, you can easily launch a uber like app for movers and packers services quickly. Numerous features of movers and packers clone script improve the relationship amongst your users. Get in touch with Appilab and witness tremendous growth in your business. Contact them today and create the most perfect uber like clone app for movers and packers! Check out Movers & Packers App Script Price.