A biography is a great way to tell people who you are and what you did in your life. Whether your biography is for university application, a gift to someone or a social media account, you should take the time to give the right message and pay attention to what you tell. The things you tell people should be correct and sincere. So that you will be able to give people some good suggestions that they can use them in their life in a good way.

You should determine your purpose.

First you need to determine your purpose and the people that you will target. Before you start writing, you need to know who you are writing for. Biography is actually not the first place or platform you introduced yourself to people. You do this in your normal life too. It should explain clearly and effectively who you are and what you did in your life. And you may add what forced you to write a biographie. Because writing a biographie is something unique that not everyone write about their life and what they did. If you write, then you have to have a purpose to do this. For example, if you lived a hard life that included lots of difficult processes, you may want to tell people about your experiences. So that those people who read your biographie, will learn better how to survive, when they face with a problem that you already managed. Otherwise, people can get bored quickly while they reading it.

The biography you write for a personal website can be very different from what you will write for a university application. Of course, if you are considering giving it to someone as a gift, this is also very different. By adjusting your style, you can make your biography formal, funny, professional or personalized.

Take a look at examples written for your target people.

To write a good biography, you can also look at examples written for your target people. One of the best ways to understand what the audience would expect from their biography is to look at other biographies written in their field. For example, if you are writing a professional biography for your personal website to sell yourself and your talents, look for websites made by others in the same industry. See how they present themselves and think about what they do well.

Professional websites, Twitter accounts and LinkedIn pages are good places to search for professional biography.

Do not give all the information to people.

When writing biography, you should not give all the information to people. Even the most interesting anecdotes may not be suitable for the biography. For example, the biography of an author for his bookshop speaks of his past writing achievements, while the biography of an athlete for the team's website mostly talks about his height and weight. Although it is often not a problem to add a few off-topic details, they should not be much of the biography. You can of course give a little different details about your life.

You should not forget that your reputation is very important here. For example you should not write kind of details: “I like to go to parties with my friends on the weekends.” you may like to travel, but it is not wise to advertise it in a biography to find a job. You should pay particular attention to the fact that the details you put are relevant and informative.

You should write you biography in the third person singular.

One of the most important rules: you should write your biography in the third person singular. You should use “he” subject instead of “I” subject. Instead of "I love this", you should write "He likes this". Using a third person singular while writing will make your biography more objective, as if it were written by someone else. Of course, this will also be useful in a formal atmosphere. Experts recommend that professional biographies are always written in a third person singular.

For example, you can write like this: "Daniel Müller is a software developer at Facebook." instead "I am a software developer at Facebook company."

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