Success is easy to achieve, it all just depends on the path you take and choose to follow. So on which path have you decided to walk?

Hi there!

Now if you turn around you will notice that there’s an incredible change taking place throughout India, the Digital Change. Since the first rule of progress lies within transformation, it requires considerable amount of change as well. As a result of the Digital Change all our day-to-day activities have gone digital, from shopping to banking. So why not insurance?

Did you know that this year millions of policies were sold online in which we also have played a key role through our online insurance distribution portal GIBL? With our digital PoS partners, we have contributed majorly in the digital transformation. We, at GIBL, focus on spreading happiness by insuring every Indian. We have already spread happiness to our millions of customers across India with the help of our PoS partners. This is the reason why GIBL has become the fastest growing Indian insurance distribution site today.

But how can you be benefited from this? And why am I even telling you about all these?

If you are already an insurance agent or wish to become one and earn extra money by becoming a smart digital insurance agent, then you must pay attention here!

We are offering you a business opportunity with zero investment where you can earn unlimited.

What are the benefits of becoming a PoS agent with GIBL?

  • Earn money from home by issuing online insurance policies to your customers
  • Offer you customers much more by simply providing policies through an e-mail or SMS
  • Impress them with the lowest quotes and instant policy from various insurance companies that are tied-up with us
  • Instant one click renewal of expired policy
  • Sell policy just at the click of a button and provide renewal immediately
  • Opportunity to become an IRDAI certified agent. Get IRDAI approved PoS code on every policy you sell

Isn’t it a great chance to move on to another level of progress? So don’t waste time and become a GIBL PoS. Join us today and become more efficient by transforming yourself from a smart agent to a digitally smart agent. Aim higher and achieve more with GIBL.


3000+ Policies from 32+ Insurance Companies

Sell policies through GIBL App or our responsive website portal

Extremely skilled knowledge board

Flexible working hours

Attractive income with no investment

Payment to PoS Agents through e-wallet

Access to the best in class CRM

Get rewarded with sponsored foreign trips, cash prizes etc. for good performance as a PoS Agent