GAS RAY can give you high quality of work for the shortest time. We will do your home more comfortable and cozy.

We do professional plumbing services. We will connect your appliances which use water into your water network of your home. Also we will correct every water leak in your home. We will help you to modeling your bathroom.

If you are planning a refurbishment of your home contact us to check what your system and to balance it if you need to have equal flow of water to all your taps.

  • We can install on your household your new unvented hot water system.
  • We can install your new bath mixer and your new water taps.
  • We will install your bath, shower, sink, toilet and many others.
  • we will do an inspection of your water system what kind will offer you best – which will meet the needs of your home.
  • If you need a garden tap we will put it and connect to the needs of your garden.
  • We can unblock your toilets and sinks to be used they normally.
  • We will take care to eliminate this unpleasant dropping your sinks.

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